Even More About Me

I grew up in a small town in Ontario with two older sisters and a younger brother. Living in a small town meant that I got bored easily and checked out books from the local library on things like “How To Make Musical Instruments Out of Gourds” and “Practical Donkey-Keeping.” This small town existence also meant I did a lot of extra-curriculars including, but not limited to, synchronized swimming, flute playing, and Highland dancing. (Fun fact: when I played lacrosse I was so young there was no real goalie, just a cardboard cut out, but my team won the championship! So who’s laughing now.) I live in Toronto these days, where there is no shortage of cool things to do and weird books.


Most of us can’t afford to jet around the world full time, but that doesn’t mean you stop having adventures. So while I’m posting about my recent international travels, I’m also posting about my exciting local travels. Stay tuned for posts from far flung locations like the island of Wallis but all some home grown tales from Ontario. Better yet, join in and tell me about some of your favourite travels, even if they are just from the next town over.


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